Microquest provides comprehensive consulting services for setting up a laundry process including plant design, layout, mechanical specifications, utility specifications and equipment recommendations. We also provide consulting services and project management for setting up an industrial laundry process at a large scale.

We conduct our own installations and design work in house, while also sub-contracting to builders, architects or general contractors if required. Microquest can also provide architectural, structural, & general contracting services if necessary. We have skilled contacts with extensive laundry experience, enabling us to handle the complete project for our customers.

Why should you use Microquest’s consulting services for setting up your laundry process? We are well respected in the laundry industry with an impeccable reputation and a long list of satisfied customers. We guarantee your complete satisfaction throughout the project. Our extensive range of services includes:


Cost analysis
Production analysis
Work flow analysis
Analysis of services including electrical supply, water
Environmental analysis
Process Audit
Site selection and analysis
Planning and design of laundry services
Equipment layout
Equipment specifications and sourcing
Planning for future growth
Process Improvement
Study and estimate of loads
Linen selection to mach processing capabilities of laundry
Specialist training
Energy resource efficiency review
Risk Assessment Management
Cost Reducing
Cost estimates for the project
Planning, scheduling and monitoring
Post implementation reviews