Room Care Chemicals

Microquest has positioned itself amongst the most prominent room care chemical manufacturer and supplier based in INDIA. Our best quality room care chemicals are highly admired by our honored clients. Our products comes in concentrated form and are safe to be used at our premises. We offer room care chemicals at most competitive prices.

  • Our liquid concentrates ie: could be diluted as much as 100 times in water
  • Undergo stringent quality assurance and safety tests during manufacture
  • Meet international standards are colour coded to identify acidic, alkaline, neutral characteristics
  • Will remain stable for as long as at ambient temperatures
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Brand Name Description
CLEARTEX – BFL Bathroom cleaner
CLEARTEX – HDL Hard surface cleaner
CLEARTEX – GCL Glass cleaner
CLEARTEX – FPL Furniture maintenance
CLEARTEX – AFL Room Freshener
CLEARTEX – TCL Toilet Bowl cleaner
CLEARTEX – PFL Floor cleaner
CLEARTEX – MUL Multipurpose cleaner
CLEARTEX – LPL Leather Cleaner

Laundry Care Chemicals

Microquest stands for value, service, quality, reliability, earning the trust and the loyalty of customers. Our innovative laundry care products meet environmental regulations, and improve laundry longevity and quality. Our varieties of laundry products are perfect for small, medium or large size on premise laundry operations. Whether it’s a small lodging facility, industry, a five star large scale hotel or a multipurpose health care institution, Microquest’s laundry chemicals achieve quality results in the most cost efficient manner.

Our products ensure the correct use of detergents, alkalis, sours, softeners and de-stainers, guaranteeing that your laundry will come out bright and stain free, smelling clean and fresh while feeling soft to the touch. For a complete list of our products, click here.

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Brand Name Description
MICROX-1000 Detergent
MICROX-1000 Ultra Detergent
MICROX-1111 Detergent
MICROX-Best Detergent
MICROX-1112 Detergent for Guest Laundry
MICROX- 500 Booster for detergent
MICROX-6000 Ready to use Emulsifier
MICROX-6500 Ready to use Emulsifier
MICROX-7000 Emulsifier concentrate
MICROX-7500 Emulsifier Concentrate with Enzyme
MICROX-2000 Neutraliser
MICROX-50BL 3-in -1 fabric concentrate bleaching agent for white linen / towels only
MICROX-20BL Ready to use 3-in -1 fabric bleaching agent for white linen /towels only
MICROX-SOFT Semi soiled fabric softener with fragrances
MICROX-SOFT Ultra Fabric softener with fragrances
MICROX-20L Fabric brightener
MICROX-BOL Carbon stain remover
MICROX-RUST Rust remove only for white cloth
MICROX-INK Ink remover for coloured / white fabric

Kitchen Care Chemicals

Brand Name Description
Terol - Hand wash Hand wash liquid
Terol - Dish wash Manual dish wash
Terol - All purpose cleaner Multipurpose cleaner
Terol - Drain cleaner Drain cleaner
Terol - Stainless Cleaner Stainless Cleaner – food grade
Terol - Detergent 3 in 1 Concentrate detergent for cleaning